Untying Ribbons

The collection started from 2020 when we were all quarantined in house. The inspiration was about reminding of the happiness when we exchanging gifts, expressing love during holidays. Lamination technique were used, combining PU leathers with faux fur, keeping waterproof and also warm. The prints were based on warm tone, using bright yellow and green, red and brown as the main color. Pure and simple design made it easy to get away of the anxiety that the isolated situation caused.

While when life came back to normal after entering 2021, 2020 looked like a huge gap, tearing past apart from future in an unseen chaos. Those traditional ways of conveying love and warm, like holidays seemed fading away. Life was disrupted and deconstructed. Laser cutting technique were applied. Dresses and skirts were cut into more pieces with vents at the bottom. Fabrics with different texture mixed making an effect of contrast and collision. Silver as a color of unpredictable was added presenting the imagination of future for which we will never lose affection.