DIGITIZING into Web 3.0

Dual-World Fashion Items

CLEAR TO RAIN entered into partnership with Seamm in 2022 for developing our digital fashion collection.

From the beginning, we've aspired to design clothing that empowers every individual to boldly express their true self. With the progress of sustainable fashion, we are endeavoring to achieve harmony with nature by integrating technology. It's a contemporary experimental way to explore the relationship between the realities.

It also reflects our ever-changing state and our desire to break away from the traditional.


SEAMM is a London-based Tech company funding from the Lydian Group. By integrating digital twins for every product, Seamm is revolutionizing the shopping experience.

With AR try-ons for every item, and the ability to transfer digital fashion into games and metaverses such as Minecraft, Roblox and Decentraland, customization, and other features, Seamm helps brands and end-users navigate the web world.

Every fashion item on Seamm exists in both dimensions - a tangible, physical piece and a virtual, digital twin. Users can elevate their style with outfits that live in their wardrobe and on their digital persona!

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