The collection was inspired by the analytical graphs of rainfall from weather bureau, focusing on designer’s personal memory of knowing the world through weather observation devices. It can be deemed as “the magic moment” when the most original feelings from the very early of childhood which still exist in the subconscious memory being stimulated again accidentally.

The collection chose green and blue as undertone, designing a group of prints and patterns in strong and high-contrasted colors. Meanwhile, sliver and grey gave the collection touches of cold and metal feeling.The brand continued to use waterproofed fabrics as the main symbol so that all the clothes can be wear during windy and rainy day.

Simple and oversized silhouette created modern total look, while some asymmetric transformation was made through drawstrings and ties, some use of pleats adding more volumes so that the garments looked more structured. High waisted pants brought the 60s’-70’s rock’n roll style, while silver texture improving the futuristic feelings of space, making the new 2020 looked retro and contemporary.